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Award Winning Family and Children's Portraiture

by Lydia Davis

Phenomenal Photography & Images

1681 NC Hwy 581 N

Pikeville, NC 27863


Portrait Art only
just begins with a photograph.

Lydia Davis is a photographer and artist
specializing in Family and Children's Photography.
In addition to traditional photography, she offers
Fairy Tale, Fictional & Fantasy images of children including
Angels & Cherubs, Faeries, Gnomes & Sprites,
Mermaids & Pirates, Princes & Princesses,
Cowboys & Cowgirls, and Ballerinas,
as well as Lyrical & Modern Dance images.

Lydia has been honored with PPA and PPNC

awards for her Childrens' Photography, including

the selection of her images for the prestigious

Loan Collection and has been privileged to be a

speaker at the Childrens' Photographers of the

World Convention in St. Petersburg, FL


Her images appear on cards and calendars

in Europe and many are available

as Fine Art Prints.


Locally, a gallery of her

Fairy Tale Images is on display

at the office of Mount Olive Pediatrics.


Sessions are available in the studio,

on the studio grounds and on location.



Lydia offers a wide variety of backgrounds, scenes and
walk on sets such as her Studio Beach, Grandma's Attic,
Country Front Porch and Barn Scene
as well as her Christmas Toy Store Window
and Victorian Christmas Parlor Set with
decorated Christmas Trees,
Fireplace and Staircase.


Every spring, she offers special
"Springtime Magic" Children's Sessions
with elaborate spring settings and scenes featuring
baby bunnies, ducklings, and a baby lamb or goat.


Christmas brings Santa Claus and exclusive
holiday sets on which children and families
may be photographed with or without Santa!


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